Classic Journeys

From the iconic to the rare and remote, we’ve crafted a variety of journeys for our clients over the years. We’ve collected and collated stories of their experiences to showcase what we can offer.

About Caroline

For over two decades, I have visited hundreds of exclusive safari lodges, island resorts and city hotels throughout the African continent and its shores. I’m constantly seeking hidden gems and building meaningful relationships with safari guides and concierges. That, coupled with my love for Africa - and the perfect backdrop it provides - has allowed me to build up an enviable reputation amongst discerning travellers.

Travel Beliefs

I believe in escaping from the madness of the world in order to connect with yourself, with your friends, family and with the region you are travelling to. When travelling in Africa, be open minded and know that wildlife regions are positively impacted with the right type of tourism. Anyone can sell a trip to Africa but only a few can create magic on the ground - be sure to not be fooled by false marketing.

Next Destination

Zimbabwe, Namibia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Kruger National Park.

About Natalie

My first love has always been the people and the wilderness of Africa - I have a strong interest in conservation and how everyone has a role to play in the preservation of this beautiful world. My passion - along with my extensive experience in lodge operations, as well as knowing the in’s and out’s of travel - allows me to to offer special and immersive journeys across this extraordinary continent.

Travel Beliefs

I believe that travel not only gives us the opportunity to explore new regions and countries, but it serves to better our personal growth. It helps us to get outside of our comfort zone, as well as recharge our emotional bank balance with the world around us and our loved ones.

Next Destination

Damaraland and Sossosuvlei in Namibia.

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