Classic Journeys

From the iconic to the rare and remote, we’ve crafted a variety of journeys for our clients over the years. We’ve collected and collated stories of their experiences to showcase what we can offer.

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Classic Escapes

Set the scene for
your African story.

We choreograph connection for wholehearted travellers.

Whether you’re seeking to connect with yourself, with your partner, with your family, with nature, or with culture. We compose journeys through Africa's surreal scenes. Raw, real and truly wild nature are the key ingredients in our recipe for resonance and connection.

About Classic Escapes
About Classic Escapes
We’re travel specialists who pay meticulous attention to experience while crafting your luxury travel journey.

What is a Classic Escape?

Your Purpose

There are deeper reasons you’re looking to travel. Your ‘why’ becomes our ‘how do we...’

Our People

Our people on the ground and behind the scenes set the stage for your African story.

African Places

From our experiences and travels, we’ve handpicked a collection of unique locations.

We believe that travel - and experiences - can never be mimicked, copied, or borrowed.

Travel has the power to change the way we think we see the world, and provides us with opportunities to live new stories. It gives us the chance to reset, go back to basics and get in touch with ourselves and nature.